I am a professional graphic designer, creative thinker, and a strategy-level contributing artist. I embrace white space and a clean style, and am always striving to improve myself and the world around me. I enjoy creatively solving problems, projects with a purpose, and exceeding expectations.

QUIZ: Adobe Creative Type - "The Thinker"
 Intellectual curiosity, ability to find and create meaning• Bridging theory and practice, applying ideas in real life
"Ever the perpetual student, you experience the world as an endless opportunity for learning, discovery, and truth-seeking. Driven by an insatiable intellectual curiosity, the Thinker makes the quest for knowledge and truth a lifelong pursuit. Few things satisfy your inquisitive mind more than a well-formulated question or an elegant solution. You can see the big picture and the deeper meaning of almost any situation in a way that few others can."

QUIZ: How Creative Are You?
"You’re very creative but with your feet firmly on the ground. You’re a very creative and inventive person, but you’re by no means scatter-brained or flakey. In fact, you’re very much on top of all your creative endeavors."

QUIZ: What Font Matches Your Personality? - Futura
 "You’re a true nonconformist with a strong sense of individuality. But you also aren’t one to draw attention to yourself — you’re stylish without being showy, different without the dramatics. You pay a lot of attention to the finer details and have a high standard for success."
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